Meet LCJ

Hi! I am LaToya Collins-Jones, Founder and Creator of I Am 1. I created I Am 1 because I found myself feeling like I was separating myself in different areas although they often merged. I LOVE graphic tees. So, I often found myself looking for clothing that fits my ideal of who I was fully. I found it hard. Or, I had to go to more than one site. So, I decided to create my own lifestyle brand for entrepreneurs who are social justice advocates. 

This is not my first venture. However, I am most excited about this particular brand. It is an opportunity to be able to showcase ALL of me. Not just individual parts that are acceptable for some but not others. I want to live a TRUE and AUTHENTIC life.

I look forward to seeing where this brand in business takes me. I am honored that you chose to share with me on this particular journey. I am always looking for new ideas as well as people to connect with all the time. So be sure to find me on social media and let's chat soon!